Skill in color selection

Skill in color selection is the key to the customer’s peace of mind

Wood is a natural, vibrant material. This is why we love using it in the interior. Natural wood gives us comfort, warmth, comfort and uniqueness. Because it is impossible to find two identical snowflakes, it is impossible to find two identical trees! That is why it is so difficult to match the color of a new element to an existing one.

If you encounter such a problem, then you are definitely ours. Our technologist and colorist will choose the color and the optimum system for coloring, so that the result is perfect!

For the sake of fresh and perfect, I want to tell you about the selection of color for a wonderful oak floor for our customers. Technologist at IMPRA Ukraine created a color that matches the existing one and chose oil Classic HardOil Extra.

Classic HardOil Extra – great for wooden floors for several reasons:

  • environmentally friendly and safe for health;
  • preserves the natural appearance of the tree;
  • incredibly nice to the touch;
  • unsurpassed resistance to mechanical stress;
  • anti-slip class according to European R11 standards;
  • resistance to chemical stresses (water, wine, coffee, juice, etc.);
  • a variety of color choices.

We are very glad that we were able to help the Customers!

We will gladly help you too!

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