1. Warranty Service Centers

You can apply for a warranty service at the official service centers of the manufacturer of the product and in our stores.

Addresses are here:

To contact a service center, you must bring:

  • Complete set
  • original warranty card
  • A proof of payment

The guarantee is provided for a period of 2 weeks to 99 months. Please check the completeness and absence of defects in the goods when received.

2. Warranty card renewal

If you have lost or damaged your warranty card from the manufacturer, you can send a request in any form to us at service@impra.com.ua . Be sure to include your order number in the request and attach a photo of the check.

If you do not have proof of purchase, you can call our customer service department: +38 (066) 450 5000

* Payment for calls is subject to carrier rates.

3. Where to exchange or return a product

You can exchange or return the item within 14 days through our delivery service or our customer service department. For the addresses and work hours of the departments, see here https://impra.com/contacts/

Return conditions:

Please bring your passport, check and goods in the package to make your return.

We will refund you on the day of the return of the goods or, in the absence of cash at the box office, within 7 days.

We issue a refund if:

  • The product has not been used and has no use: scratches, chips, scuffs
  • The product is fully stocked and the integrity of the packaging is not compromised
  • All labels and factory markings are saved

If the goods are damaged, exchange or return of the goods is carried out only in the presence of the opinion of a service center authorized by the manufacturer that the conditions of operation have not been violated.

4. Can I drop off an item that didn’t fit in the mail?

If you choose a payment method or card payment, you can cancel the entire order. Partial refund is not possible. If you want to cancel part of the items, you need to pay for all the orders and then make a return through the service.

5. In which cases the warranty is not provided

A service center may refuse warranty repair if:

  • breach of warranty integrity
  • there is mechanical or other damage resulting from the intentional or negligent action of the buyer or third parties
  • Violation of the rules of use set out in the operating documents
  • unauthorized disclosure, repair, or alteration of internal communications and product components,
  • changed product design or layout
  • Warranty card is incorrectly filled

Warranties do not cover the following faults:

  • Natural wear and tear or depletion
  • Accidental damage caused by a customer or damage resulting from negligent handling or use
  • natural disaster damage
  • Damage caused by misuse or misuse of the product

Non-exchangeable and returnable goods:

For a full list of good quality non-exchangeable and returnable goods, see Art. 9 of the Law “On Consumer Protection”.

7. How to get a refund

If the IMPRA seller’s item does not match, you can return it by filling out a simple form on our site. You can make a return here https://impra.com/return/

If you have purchased the item from other sellers, please contact the seller of the item directly. Or, request a return on the product page using the “ Returns Request Form ” form.